Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gate for Your Business

Choosing the correct gate for your business is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. Picking the right gate is a matter of safety and aesthetics that could have long-term repercussions for your company. Before you set about manual or automatic gate installation in Cowlitz County, WA, make sure you’re getting the option that best serves your needs.

With this in mind, here are some questions you should ask yourself and your contractor before you start building.

Automatic or manual?

The first question to consider when installing a gate to enter and exit your property is whether or not you’d like an automatic or manual entrance. While both automatic and manual gates will provide essentially the same amount of protection for your property, there are some crucial distinctions between the two.

A manual gate will ultimately cost less, but it will need to be opened and closed every time someone wants to enter or exit your property. If you’re putting a gate up at a construction site or someplace similar where you can open the gate in the morning, leave it open all day and then close it again at night, a manual gate should be fine.

However, if you cater to an upscale clientele, or you’re worried about leaving your gate open the whole day, an automatic gate is perfect. For example, automatic gate installation in Cowlitz County, WA is excellent for a private golf course, where the client list is exclusive, and people may be coming and going at random intervals.

What is the purpose of the gate?

Not everyone who erects a gate and fence on their property is looking to amp up their security. A gate is a time-tested aesthetic choice that serves as the entryway and first impression that a lot of clients will see of your business. Knowing whether you’re putting up the gate for security or to improve the look of your property will help you determine what style of gate you choose.

What level of access do you want?

Even if you’re putting up your gate solely for the look and feel it provides, you still likely have some idea of who is (and isn’t) welcome or allowed on your property. Are you going to allow individual access to your employees? Should clients be allowed to come and go freely, or should they have special access requirements? These considerations will better inform you and your fence and gate contractor about your needs.

Skip the hassle

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When you work alongside Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. for commercial or residential gate installation in Cowlitz County, WA, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the precise gate or fence you need. That’s our promise to you. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to learn more.

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