What to Expect When Getting a New Fence

Every day, thousands of property owners make the smart choice to surround their property—be it their home or place of business—with a sturdy, secure fence. There is an enormous number of benefits to adding a fence to your property. Besides the innate protection it offers, a fence improves your property value, adds privacy and reduces unwanted outside noise.

If you’ve never gone through wood or vinyl fence installation in Cowlitz County, WA, here’s what to expect.

Get a boundary survey

Before you proceed with wood fence installation in Cowlitz County, WA, it might be a good idea to have a surveyor perform a boundary survey on your property. It only costs a couple hundred bucks, but it could save you thousands in the event that you accidentally build your fence on your neighbor’s property.

In fact, you’ll likely be required by law to get a new boundary survey to legally erect your fence. As a result, it’s good to get a survey out of the way before you start your fence project.

The assessment

Once your official legal boundary is established, you can call in a fencing contractor. They will ask you a series of questions to determine what type of fencing you’re looking for. So, before they show up, you should know the answers to several critical questions:

  • What is the fence for? In other words, if you want the fence more for décor than security, that’s important. If you want to improve your privacy, that’s another critical consideration.
  • What is your price point? Before a contractor discusses an estimate, it’s important to let them know your budget. You don’t want to waste your time (or theirs) exploring materials and designs that are outside your price range.
  • What material would you like? There is a world of difference between fencing materials. Wood and vinyl have different lifespans, price points and maintenance requirements.

Once you’ve worked your way through these crucial questions, it’s time to start prepping.

Site prep

Once you’ve agreed on a fence type, your contractor will help secure the permits required to build the fence. This process will be expedited if you’ve already gotten a boundary survey. Depending on your location, you might even be restricted as to what kinds of fences you can build around your property. Your contractor can help you determine how to navigate local regulations and still get the perfect fence.

Your contractor may also need to use this time to prepare your site for the fence by clearing brush or leveling the ground.

Installation from the best

For most professionals, like the team at Hargrove Fence Co., Inc., vinyl or wood fence installation in Cowlitz County, WA is the easiest part of the whole process. Once all the prep work is complete, our team of highly-trained professionals can put up most residential fence styles in a day or two. Our reputation and list of return clients are proof enough of our skill.

All it takes is one call to get the fence you’ve always wanted. Get in touch with Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. today to arrange your consultation.

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