What can you do to prepare for a new fence?

Whether you’re getting a fence installed to establish a boundary, create a space for your animals to safely roam, or add a decorative element to your yard, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to help ensure you have a positive experience. These simple tasks can help streamline the planning process, protect landscaping and décor, avoid costly changes to scope of work, and avoid a disgruntled neighbor.


If you’re getting a perimeter fence installed, the first thing you should do is find your property corners and clearly mark them. Do not guess. You can consult your local city and county offices for plat maps to help. Another option to finding property lines is to hire a surveyor. This is an additional cost and takes time, so be sure to include this step in your timeline when planning your fence project.  Your fence contractor can also be a great resource to help guide you through the process, sometimes for an additional fee. Taking the time to properly locate your property lines ensures that you are capturing as much of your land as possible, takes the guess work out of where the fence will be installed, and avoids potential conflicts with neighbors.


Another important step before breaking ground on your new fence is to clearly mark the fence layout in white paint. Once a layout is established a phone call needs to be made to have underground utilities located such as water, sewer, electric, cable and natural gas. Digging a hole without a locate can produce costly repairs and even create a dangerous situation. Your fence contractor is usually happy to complete this task for you, but always verify a locate has been done before the fence project begins.


Now let’s prepare your yard! It’s a good idea to move any outdoor furniture, flowerpots, décor and other yard items out of the work area. Protect any plants that cannot be moved, mark them so they are more easily avoided. Clean up any debris that can create a tripping hazard while your contractor and the workers are moving about your yard. Take a few moments and remove any animal waste that may be present. Preparing your yard before any work begins will help to ensure a more efficient installation and protects your personal property.


Lastly, identify any areas off limits to the contractor, any areas that are potentially dangerous and, if possible, corral animals so they cannot access work area while work is being performed.

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