What Fence Material Is Right for You?

Choosing your residential fencing and gate materials for installation in Cowlitz County, WA can be exciting, since it’s an opportunity to add more character to your home. On the other hand, if this is your first time picking out a fence, you might not know which options would be best for your home, lifestyle and design ideas. After all, it’s an investment designed to last decades, so you want to be happy with what you pick.

Here’s how to decide what kind of fence material is right for you—and when you’re ready to pick out and install your residential fence, be sure to call the friendly team at Hargrove Fence Co., Inc.

What is the fence’s primary purpose?

The most important question to ask yourself is what purpose you want your fence to serve. Is it purely decorative, or meant to create a visual boundary? Are you hoping to keep pets or children inside your yard? Do you need privacy, or security from intruders? These questions will help you narrow down your options—after all, you’re probably not going to pick chain link fencing to add to your home’s curb appeal.

What is your budget and desired maintenance level?

Once you’ve decided on the objective of installing your fence, think about your budget and desired maintenance level. For example, wood fences can rot, warp and fall over, so they’ll have a higher level of maintenance than unpainted aluminum. They’re also more expensive than other materials, but provide excellent privacy options.

PVC fencing is the easiest to maintain and the cheapest material overall, and comes in fewer color options—great for those on a budget. However, this is generally not the kind of fencing you want to use for security or privacy.

If you want low maintenance, be sure to avoid wrought iron—it’s more expensive, and it can easily rust or corrode. It also needs to be sanded and repainted every few years. You could opt for chain link, which is secure, durable and inexpensive, but significantly less attractive than other options. Aluminum is also cost-effective, can be painted and looks quite appealing, but will not be as good for security as other materials.

Vinyl fencing can be a budget-friendly, durable and low-maintenance option. It requires very little beyond a good wash when dust and dirt accumulate, it’s stronger than wood and isn’t prone to rotting like wood is. Vinyl fences come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you’ll be able to find something that works with your home’s exterior, too.

What other factors should you consider?

Finally, think about the details. Do you need a gate? Do your pets or children climb fences? (The heavier they are, the sturdier you’ll need the fence to be.) Are your pets liable to dig underneath? There are a number of material and installation options you can choose to make sure your fence checks every box on your “must-have” list.

Ready to begin the process of residential fencing and gate installation in Cowlitz County, WA? Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. is here to help—call us today!

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