Why You Should Invest in a Commercial Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is everywhere, and for good reason: it’s simple, secure, durable and affordable. Whether you’re fencing a building, field or other type of property, commercial chain link fencing in Cowlitz County, WA is a popular choice for businesses, schools and industrial areas alike.

Considering chain link fencing for your commercial property? Here are the benefits of using chain link fencing and what makes it perfect for a variety of different purposes:

  • Durability: Chain link fencing is designed to last a long time, hence its very utilitarian appearance and construction. Chain link is made of galvanized steel, which can stand up to the Washington weather as well as impact, rust and heavy use—that’s why you often see these fences around sporting fields, schools, construction sites and commercial building lots. The materials are designed to withstand years of use, wear and tear and the elements. In fact, if you’re interested in extending its lifespan, you can install vinyl-coated chain link for another level of durability.
  • Low maintenance: Speaking of withstanding use, chain link fencing is also low maintenance, from installation to keeping it looking fresh. Since the materials are designed to stand up to moisture, it won’t rust, corrode or rot, unlike wrought iron and wooden fences. You’ll spend much less time looking for and repairing problems.
  • Won’t obstruct your view: If you need a clear view of your surrounding areas (or the property itself), chain link fencing offers a virtually transparent fencing solution. It allows you to see who is approaching and whether they’re trying to gain access to your property. For additional security, you can wrap the top with barbed wire—talk to your fencing contractor about your options.
  • Affordable: Chain link is often one of the cheapest fencing options you can purchase, including wooden and aluminum fencing. It’s especially great for large properties, since it’s so cost effective—you can secure huge areas at a fraction of the cost of other fencing types.
  • Aesthetic options: The one drawback to chain link fencing is that it does look utilitarian, so if you’re looking for something more attractive, you might want to opt for a different fencing material. However, there are aesthetic options that can help the fencing blend in with its surroundings or add privacy—you can get the vinyl coating in a complementary or similar color to your building, or add painted wooden slats to add privacy walls and coordinate with your exterior. Ask your fencing contractor what your options might be.

Chain link fences are ubiquitous around the country and the world—while you might not choose this material for your residence, when you need commercial fencing in Cowlitz County, WA, chain link can be an affordable, secure and durable option. Sometimes the easiest option really is the best one!

Are you interested in learning more about the chain link options available in your area? Reach out to Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs!

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