How Do I Trigger an Automatic Gate to Open or Close?

If you have an automatic gate on your property, you will need sensors that control when the doors open and close. There are several popular kinds of these sensors on the market, and your choice will depend on how the gate is designed and what sorts of requirements you have with your gate.

Here are a few examples of some of the most popular sensors for automatic gate installations in Cowlitz County, WA and how they work.

Pressure sensors

These are among the oldest types of sensors used for opening automatic gates. The idea here is simple: the sensors determine if there are changes in the pressure placed on a particular spot in the ground known as a control mat. There are control mats located at both the front and the back of the gates. When that pressure increases, it means there’s a person walking or a vehicle driving on top, and the doors will then open. The door remains open so long as someone is standing, walking or driving near the doors, depending on the usage.

Motion detectors

The majority of automatic gates you’ll find in use for residential installations today use motion detectors or optical sensors, which will be placed on the sides of the gate. These sensors are designed to track any motion that occurs in front of the gate. There will be an antenna that points out and down, which creates a microwave beam used to detect the motion. While these gates are simple and effective, the downside is that they will only detect motion, so a person or vehicle standing still will not be able to trigger the sensor.

Radar movement

Radar movement sensors are designed to track individual people or objects in a specific area. They are able to read through objects such as wood, plastic, plaster and drywall, easily detect people and items, and can have their sensitivity adjusted. They’re even able to track the direction in which a person or object is moving. However, they cannot track any stationary objects.

Infrared sensors

There are two main categories of infrared sensors: passive and active.

Passive infrared sensors store infrared images they detect within the range noted in their settings. They have very precise ranges and are highly reliable for opening gates, as they’ll create a specific signal when the thermal image changes on the sensor.

Active infrared sensors feature a couple receiver chips and a transmitter. The receiver is capable of recognizing whether the infrared light emitted from the transmitter is being reflected by a person or object outside or inside of the scanning zone.

In many cases, people will install these sensors in various combinations to provide the most reliable automatic gate service. For more information about the type(s) of sensors that make the most sense for you, we encourage you to contact Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. about residential gate installation in Cowlitz County, WA. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our products and services!

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