How Much Will It Cost to Fence My Yard?

Having a fence around your backyard can give you additional privacy and safety. If you have younger children or dogs, it keeps them contained so you can be sure they’re not running out into the street or out of your general area of supervision. If you would like to add a little peace and quiet, you can create fencing that will give you some privacy from your neighbors, even when you’re right next to them.

Of course, wood and vinyl fence installation in Cowlitz County, WA is an investment, and before you undertake the project, you must make sure you will be able to complete it within your budget. There are a variety of factors that will affect how expensive it is to fence in your yard. Examples of such factors include:

  • Materials: What kind of material will you use to create the fence? Wood will generally be more expensive than other popular materials like chain link. Even within the wood category, though, there are different levels of expense. Natural cedar will be more expensive than pressure-treated wood. Then you have vinyl, which will usually be more expensive than both wood and chain link, and aluminum, which will be more expensive than all of these other options.
  • Labor: If you’re hiring a fencing company to put up your fence for you, a significant portion of your payment will be to cover the labor. This is why it’s always cheaper to do the job yourself. But if you’re concerned about your ability to do a good job, the investment in the labor is more than worthwhile to ensure long-lasting quality.
  • Location: The market for fencing will vary from region to region. Some areas will just have much lower prices than others, as is true for many types of goods and services.
  • Size: The size of the fence, both in terms of height and length, will also play a role. Not surprisingly, the more fence you’re putting up, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Complicating factors: Any other complicating factors for the job will also play a role. Do you need to tear down an existing fence? Is there anything strange about the layout of your property, or the geological characteristics of your land? These are all issues that could have an impact on fencing costs.

You can always attempt to bring down costs by doing the job yourself or by planting some thick hedges instead of using fencing. But again, keep in mind the risks of doing the job by yourself. And with hedges, it might take a couple years before they grow up sufficiently to serve as an effective barrier.

You should also consider ongoing maintenance expenses. Certain types of fences will last longer than others, and some types will occasionally need to be refinished or repainted. Just because a type of fence is cheaper in the moment does not necessarily mean it will offer you long-term savings.

For more information about vinyl or wood fence installation in Cowlitz County, WA and how much you can expect to pay for your fence, contact Hargrove Fence Co., Inc. today!

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