Common Automatic Gate Repairs

What Are Some Common Automatic Gate Repairs?

When you want to increase the security on your residential, commercial or industrial property, few measures are as effective as an automatic gate. They increase your privacy, and they keep you safe as you enter and exit your home. They’re cost-effective on a long timeline, and they’re very convenient. Unfortunately, even the best-made products are going to fail. That’s when the time comes for professional gate repair in Cowlitz County, WA.
Of course, you may be curious about which repairs are the most common when installing an automatic gate. Well, here they are!

Water in the control box

Most of the time, your control box is safe from the ravages of Mother Nature. Wind and rain have little to no impact on the function of your gate. Over time, however, the seal that keeps out moisture could break down and allow water to invade your box. When that happens, a variety of issues could arise, up to and including the complete replacement of the control box.

Clearing out unwanted guests

Considering your automatic gate is an electronic gadget, the heat and light it produces, though minimal, can serve to attract some types of pests. Reptiles, for example, may enjoy lounging in the area where your laser falls. Insects can sometimes set up shop in a control box, as well.
Fortunately, pest removal in these instances is a matter of merely removing the pests and cleaning up the aftermath.

Repair to the structure

A lot of gate repair in Cowlitz County, WA focuses on repairing damage to the structure itself. Maybe you bumped your car into the gate. Perhaps a tree branch fell and damaged it. Maybe a baseball from the neighborhood kids put a ding in it. Regardless, every once in a while, the outside world will conspire against your gate.

Remote control problems

Most modern automatic gates come with a separate remote control that allows people to control their function with a remote. When a press of your remote’s button fails to open or close your gate, a lot of the time it’s an issue with your remote rather than with the gate itself. Often, problems with an automatic gate’s remote don’t mean your gate itself is broken.

Issues with age

Sometimes, when you’re relying on your gate to let you into or out of your property, nothing happens. At the 10-year mark, a lot of engine motors on automatic gates begin experiencing issues with function. In these cases, the best plan is to replace the mechanism entirely.

Count on Hargrove Fence Co., Inc.

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